Metal Finishings

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Surfaces tops

SILESTONE®   Pricegroup 1

Hybrit surface made of high-quality minerals and quartz. Very good resistance to stains and acids and it is easy to maintenance. It also has high resistance to scratches and the color is intense and consistent. The decor goes into the edges of the material.

Surfaces tops

DEKTON®  Pricegroup 2

Innovative, ultra compact and high performance surface and highly resistant to stain and scratch as also uv light resistant. It withstance extreem high tempratures. Extreme heat won’t damage it’s surface. It is almost impossible to damage its surface even red wine is no problem. Dekton is co2 neutral produced. Many surfaces are deliverable in matt and higly gloss.

Glass Ball colours

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Moonwave Glass Colours

Indian Silk Shade colours

Chintz Shade Colours

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