Our philosophy

Cycasi is Dutch design, creating new combinations of lines and structures without restrictions to the past.

The designs by Cycasi are a unique expression of character and emotion.
Tables and exclusive interior elements for luxury private residences and hotels.
Areas with the aim of changing the identity and experience of a space.

We revolutionize the design of interiors through an amazing combination of artistic, eclectic and extraordinary elements, where elegance is always at the center.

Modern technical music is the source of our inspiration.
Classical music parts can be transformed into beautiful modern music.
By analogy, the Cycasi collection emerges from a similar progressive imagination.

On behalf of your Cycasi team,

With kindest regards,

Coen Munsters,
Jan Peeters

Let's talk passion

The Cycasi interior elements are handcrafted in our ateliers in the Netherlands and Germany. Each item is manufactured with craftsmanship and artistry by our professional teams according to the highest quality standards and with on detail.

Cycasi offers enormous flexibility in customizing items and even the possibility
for entirely custom-made projects.
Discover our collection, and be inspired by our extraordinary designs
full of expression and passion, in our showroom, and of course through this catalogue.

We welcome you all into our world of individual luxury interior philosophy.